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We are a progressive grass roots organization that acts on the principles of equality among all people, individual liberty, belief in a transparent democracy, and the value of public service. We welcome all interested persons, and hope that if you are not already an active member, you will find in our policies and actions a like-mindedness that resonates with you. We invite you to see for yourself by attending a monthly meeting.

All registered Democrats who reside in Broomfield County are considered bona fide members of the Democratic Party of Broomfield. We encourage members to become active and participate in Party functions, and to seek decision-making positions within the Party.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Broomfield County Democrats is to be the leading political organization in Broomfield as measured by respect, political knowledge of the county, turnout for Democratic candidates and success of the Democratic agenda.

What We Do

The Broomfield Democratic Party is dedicated to the vision that local politics can be a force for good in our neighborhoods, in the larger community of Broomfield, and beyond. As a political party we pledge to put the good of the people before special interests, and to use our collective power to promote equality and equal rights. We develop our platform in our caucus each election period to express the input and values of our members. We support our local and state Democratic candidates in their campaigns, and provide input and feedback on issues of concern. We sponsor events in which voters can hear from and speak with their elected Democratic officials and other informed citizens.

We are the party that does more than talk. We staff an office to support the Democratic candidate for President, and all the state and local Democratic candidates. We walk door-to-door to register voters, provide information on candidates and issues, and set up forums on special issues of concern to our community.

Broomfield County Democrats Officers

Chairperson: Kathy Ayala

Vice-chairpersons: Andy Kramer, Betty Harris, Dana Inerfeld, John Varn, Mary Murray

Member-at-Large: Joan Murahata

Treasurer: Sandy Roy

Secretary: Terry Kirkham


Bylaws/Party Platform

Broomfield County Party ByLaws

Broomfield Democratic Party Platform 2016