Earlier this week unknown persons modified artwork from Broomfield City Council member Heidi Henkel’s reelection campaign to print and place a sign on 144th Ave. that said “Heil Henkel” next to Henkel’s campaign logo, which had been changed to visually represent the Nazi “heil” salute.

The Broomfield County Democrats are saddened and disturbed by this demonstration of antisemitism. Comparing Councilmember Henkel to Hitler is a grotesque act that is harmful to Broomfield and especially our Jewish community.

We live in a time where antisemitism is all too prevalent and misguided stunts like this one only serve to minimize the very real danger our Jewish neighbors face every day.

We call on Councilmember Henkel’s opponent Adam Gobetti, the Vote Yes Recall committee, Maria Boutrous, and the Broomfield County Republicans to join us in repudiating this disgusting antisemitic act.

Regardless of our political differences, we hope that we can all agree, Hate Has No Place Here.