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September 2023 Newsletter

Laura Chapin is a communications strategist with expertise in social media, online communications, political and issue campaigns, ballot initiatives, speech writing, message development, crisis management, and media relations. She will be speaking to us at the September 14 meeting on Women’s Rights and Abortion Messaging in the fall 23 and the 2024 election cycles. This hot button issue is going to drive voter turnout for Democrats like no other in recent history.

In The News

In Michigan, Biden and Trump Offer a Preview of 2024

President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump traveled to Michigan, one day after the other, to speak directly to working-class voters in what amounted to a preview of a likely 2024 campaign.

Their dueling styles were on clear display as the two men tried to woo voters affected by the United Automobile Workers strike. Mr. Biden has campaigned on a message of bolstering the middle class, protecting democratic norms and countering China. Mr. Trump, a criminal defendant several times over, has focused on vindicating himself, channeling conservative grievances and promoting America-first policies.

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