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Broomfield Dems April HYBRID Monthly Meeting

Thursday, April 13th: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

We are once again holding our meetings in a HYBRID setup: in person at the BCC in Lakeshore 3 on the main floor, and on Zoom, registration link below.

We are so excited to premiere our new hybrid technology at this month’s meeting! Our zoom attendees should have a vastly superior experience, and our in-person attendees should appreciate the lack of technical delays to go with the charcuterie and drinks. 😉

This is a wonderful time to be able to make our meeting more accessible, we have a pair of great speakers this month. 

Newly-appointed Councilmember (and former BCD EC officer!) Paloma Delgadillo and political powerhouse Pat Waak are going to speak on the history and potential of activism, within the party and around the world. 

Pat Waak was the Colorado Dems Chair who brought the 2008 Obama Convention to Colorado at the beginning of Colorado’s Blue shift! Her story starts in the 60’s and includes work with the Peace Corps, USAID, as Deputy Campaign Manager for Sargent Shriver in 1976, as an RN, author, and spiritual teacher. She was also board chair of LOGIC, which was instrumental in Broomfield passing our Health & Safety First Charter Amendment 301 and passing SB 19-181 the state oil & gas local control bill.

Learn more about Pat on Wikipedia, Colorado Politics, Yellow Scene, and check out her card in this super cool Political Taro Deck.

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Town Hall and Ice Cream Social

With Rep. William Lindstedt and Senator Faith Winter

Saturday, April 15th: 10:30am – 12:00pm

Come join Representative Lindstedt and State Senator Faith Winter for a Town Hall and Ice Cream Social right here in Broomfield!
They are ready and excited to answer questions and tell you about what they are working on in the Capitol.
RSVP here or click “Find Tickets” to sign up and receive the event location, and submit any topics that you’d like to hear about.

Hello Broomfield Dems!

We’ve made it to Spring and I’m sure it’ll get warmer soon.  🌞

As you may know by now, Broomfield Republicans are attempting to recall Ward 5 Councilmembers Todd Cohen and Heidi Henkel. The gist of the recall is that Republicans can’t win in November elections and want to spend $76,000 of Broomfield Taxpayers’ Money to try to win in a low turnout summertime election. And of course, they can’t resist sexist comments against any woman who disagrees with them.

What you can do, especially in Ward 5

  • Talk with friends & neighbors about the recall. Ask them not to sign the petitions.
  • If you’re on social media, please share your thoughts and link to the Decline to Sign website.
  • Consider writing a Letter to the Editor. Decline to Sign will give you ideas on what to write.
  • Share the Daily Camera article on the recall.
  • Visit to learn more about the recall and how to speak up against it.

It is disturbing how much the recall promoters’ message sounds like Trump’s MAGA message. They continually talk about what a terrible place Broomfield is while trashing their supposed enemies. They’re even trying to undo our previous Council elections! As Councilwoman Henkel said in the Camera article,

“I ask all Ward 5 voters to decline to sign the petition to recall so we can all get back to making Broomfield an even better community for our families and each other. Broomfield never fell for the ‘Big Lie’ and this is no different.”

Agendas are available a few days prior to each meeting.

Broomfield City Council Meetings

April 11+25 – 6pm

Broomfield City Council Study Session

April 18 – 6pm

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