DENVER — Some Republican state parties are struggling after steep election losses, and are witnessing infighting that has left deep divisions when it comes to the future of the GOP.


In Minnesota the state Republican Party this spring was down to just over $50 cash on hand, after years of statewide election losses. Election deniers helm Michigan’s GOP, the party is nearly broke, and the operation is being run out of a condo.


And in Colorado there’s been a swift political transformation over the last decade from a highly competitive purple state to one that’s deep blue. Republicans don’t hold any statewide offices, and have fewer seats at the statehouse than at any time in Colorado history.


There’s been a lot of finger-pointing as to how it got this way.


“The party needs to be rejuvenated, it needs to get back to the basics,” said Republican Lori Saine, a former Colorado lawmaker who is close to many conservative activists.

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