The 2024 General Election Campaign has three overlapping phases:

August + September

Voter Education

BCD will continue to provide Voter Education programs at our regular monthly meetings.  In addition, we provide a direct interface to the candidates at live events.

In addition to live events, the BCD Voter Guide will be continually updated, listing all the elected offices and all the ballot questions on the ballot for Broomfield voters.


September + October

Campaign Support

  • Candidate Contact Info: voters can volunteer for specific campaign work teams.
  • Canvass-kickoffs on Saturday AM at 279 Garnet St., Broomfield, CO 80020 you can join the canvassing team for local candidates that day.
  • Calendar events for Volunteers to plan their time commitments weeks in advance.
  • Campaign sign depots in each Ward so that Voters have access to campaign materials.

October + November

Get Out The Vote

BCD contacts Broomfield Voters directly to encourage participation and to answer any questions that they have to expedite the process:


(Info coming soon!)