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Polis Administration continues to support small businesses

A total of $280,000 has been distributed to 56 small business owners across the state as the first of two grant opportunities for participants of the Access to Capital training. Among the recipients, 58.9% identified as woman-owned and 44.6% identified as minority-owned, including 23.2% who reported as Black and/or African American and nearly 9% who identified as Hispanic and/or Latino. Approximately 12.5% identified as individuals having a disability and just over 5% identified as veteran-owned.


April 2023 News

We are so excited to premiere our new hybrid technology at this month’s meeting! Our zoom attendees should have a vastly superior experience, and our in-person attendees should appreciate the lack of technical delays to go with the charcuterie and drinks. 😉

This is a wonderful time to be able to make our meeting more accessible, we have a pair of great speakers this month. 

Newly-appointed Councilmember (and former BCD EC officer!) Paloma Delgadillo and political powerhouse Pat Waak are going to speak on the history and potential of activism, within the party and around the world. 

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